July 2017
About Us

  Macalidong Elementary School is  located in Barangay Macalidong , Ligao City with
500 sq.m lot donated by the Barangay Council.
  It's Distance is approximately 4 kms.,more or less from the City proper. It started
its operation in July 2004, under its pioneer teacher , Mrs. Lourdes S. Morales. It is
the younges school in the Ligao West District during that time. At present it is a
complete Elementary School.,non-central with its extension school in Sitio Quiasa and
serves pupils from the barangay itself and also from other catchments barangays.
  The school has a total of 6 female teachers , 1 male teacher and 1 Head Teacher.

COMMUNITY PROFILE – Barangay Macalidong

            Barangay Macalidong is composed of plain level land with hills and
mountainbs. It is covered with coconut trees , bananas, anahaw plantations,
bamboos, fruit trees and fields planted with vegetables, palay, corn and all other
crops. It has good source of water supply. The local government constructed water
tanks where water pipes are connected and water continuously flow to residents of
the barangay including the school, free of charge.

            Most of the parents are elementary graduate. They are respectful,
hospitable and still have strong belief on the old tradition of means of living.

            Because most of them are farmers and laborers, they belong to the poverty
line, but committed to let their children study in school.

            Macalidong has its sitio Quiasa, which is a kilometer and a half away from the
barangay proper passing through a hilly and winding road overlooking the fields ,
grasses and tall trees. School children coming from this place bring baon for lunch and
go home in the afternoon.
    Its land area is 275.94 hectares with 1600 population and 265 housholds. Source of
light is electricity.
Amenities in the barangay are;

•         School
•        Barangay Hall
•        Barangay Covered Court
•        Barangay Solar Dryer
•        Barangay Health Center
•        Barangay Day Care Center
•        Barangay Chapel
The school that protects and nurture
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